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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 4

Steve Wilson makes Nathan an unexpected offer.

Nathan’s life is finally back on track. He’s on the verge of pushing through a major sales coup and his boss Tim raises the possibility of a future partnership in the business.

However, a spanner is thrown in the works when Dave’s ex-bandmate and close friend Steve Wilson returns from touring to announce that he’s launching a new publishing and composing division of his label with a party to which all the Rafters are invited.

The party is a glamour-affair of champagne and celebrities like Kate Ceberano, David Campbell and So You Think You Can Dance’s RHYS BOBRIDGE. During the festivities, Layla – Steve’s attractive and dynamic new business-partner and girlfriend – takes an intense interest in Nathan. She and Steve approach Nathan to join their new venture in a sales capacity.

Both Dave and Sammy express reservations. Steve’s company has not yet opened for business and nobody knows whether it will succeed. Nathan is forced to choose between the glamour of the music industry and the security of real estate – what will he decide?

Nathan flirts with Layla, which puts a strain on his and Sammy’s relationship Nathan is impressed with Steve’s attr

Nathan flirts with Layla, Steve’s attractive new business-partner and girlfriend Layla

Rachel meanwhile continues to rise to the bait of Jake’s brazen teasing flirtation. Julie strongly suspects Rachel is protesting too much when Rachel accuses him of being a Neanderthal bogan. This character analysis Jake challengingly puts to the test when he crashes a market research group Rachel and her colleagues have organised for a men’s body spray. Will she interestedfall for his rough charms?

Ben meanwhile runs into Melissa and her new boyfriend Luke at the movies. She admits to missing him but wants to be just friends. Ben refuses, giving Melissa an ultimatum – it’s all or nothing for him. Who will Melissa choose? Will it be enough to bring them back together?

Episode Title: Glittering Prizes

Air Date: 2009-07-21


Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 4


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