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Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 21

Nathan has decided he has no possible job options left. But in a way he feels liberated – he’s free to consider impossible options. The world opens up to him again – he’ll become an event manager, or a personal trainer! Sammy is trying to be supportive but it’s wearing her out.

Determined to do something useful, Nathan secretly tracks down an address for Dave’s father, Tom Jenkins, and drives into the country to suss him out. He meets his cousin, Coby, who seems to be a rough-head compo cheat. He also learns that his grandfather Tom is a notorious local crook, doing time in jail for car rebirthing. Nathan is rocked by the murky gene pool they all share. Is it any wonder his life seems to be falling to pieces?

Julie is still effectively confined to bed, and Rachel is feeling the pressure organising a baby shower that will be fun for Julie and her friends. To complicate matters Chrissy texts to warn she won’t be coming, but sends her love. Rachel can’t understand how Julie’s best friend can miss the party. Julie is clearly hurt, but makes excuses for Chrissy, knowing the real reason she’s kept away.

Warney is in a funk over Trish and is worse company than usual. Ben and Melissa want him out. Carbo appeals to Sammy – is there any chance she can help get Warney and Trish back together? Sammy can’t think of anything worse, except perhaps the relationship her mother is in now, with her aging rich boss, Andrew Malouf.

Episode Title: Unlimited Options

Air Date: 2009-11-17


Packed to the Rafters Season 2 Episode 21


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