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Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 25

Donald leaves the Lab Rats in charge of the bionic academy while he celebrates his anniversary with Tasha. Leo invites Janelle to the island, but gets distracted by his nemesis, Spin. Spin challenges Leo to a bionic battle. Meanwhile, Adam tells Bob to do all the things he can’t do when Donald is around. Bob goes ahead and steals Donald’s plane, but he then hits a button that deactivates the auto-pilot. Sebastian and the Lab Rats work together to save Bob. Back at the bionic battle, Leo tries to impress Janelle by battling with Spin. Spin gets the first attack and knocks Leo over. Leo then fights back and hits Spin in the leg. Janelle rushes over to Spin, who is crying, and helps him up. Janelle gets upset at Leo and takes Spin to get a smoothie. It is then revealed that Spin faked the injury so Janelle would spend time with him. Leo tries to prove that Spin is faking it by taking his crutches. Janelle then yells at Leo and carries Spin away. Leo tries again by filming Spin admitting faking the injury, but Spin then smashes Leo’s tablet. Janelle walks in and yells at Leo and Spin. Leo and Spin then become her servants and they must give her the vacation that she deserves. Later, Adam uses Donald’s jet wing to fly up to the jet and save Bob. When Adam tries re-activating the auto-pilot, the plane begins to fall. Adam helps Bob conquer his fear of heights by jumping out of the jet. Bob takes Adam’s parachute and Adam jumps out to try to get it from Bob. At Donald’s house, just as Donald finishes setting up the table, Adam and Bob fall through the ceiling. Donald is disappointed with the Lab Rats. Adam confesses and tells him that he wasn’t a good mentor. Bob tells Donald that Adam was a good mentor by boosting his confidence. Donald then tells him that his plane was a smart plane that even without the auto-pilot the plane would land itself automatically.

Serie: Lab Rats


Guest Star: ,

Episode Title: Adam Steps Up

Air Date: 2015-02-04


Lab Rats Season 3 Episode 25


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