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Ghost Hunters International Season 1 Episode 21

The team set out to investigate the Castillo Coracera in Madrid, Spain, which was constructed in the 14th century and is allegedly cursed. A Spanish admiral bought the castle in the 1920s and when his two brothers died in a plane crash he was said to have buried them in the walls. Since that time, people on the premises have made reports that they heard loud screams coming from that same area of the castle. Another eerie legend is based on the 1980s death of the last owner who was a member of the Occult. To date, it is still unknown as to whether or not he killed himself or was murdered.

The team’s next investigation took place at the Castel D’escales, which is a Medieval Castle that scholars believe was once used as a hideout for refugees who fled during the genocide of the Knights Templar. It currently operates in the summer as a bed and breakfast and no person who has stayed there has ever left without a story of an eerie encounter.

Episode Title: Spanish Scares

Air Date: 2009-02-18


Ghost Hunters International Season 1 Episode 21


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