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I was hired through a recruiting agency and am getting paid $30/hr. The recruiting agency is getting paid $45/hr. Once my contract is up and I get hired full time how much money should I ask for?

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Published : 1 week ago
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TIL Pinball was illegal in the US from the 1940s to the 1970s. This included federal raids on candy stores, arcades, and bowling alleys to stop people from using them.

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Published : 2 months ago
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Spotted this in my university’s parking lot

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A rare suicide by words

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Published : 8 months ago
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Say the sun disappeared and Earth shot out into space where, by some chance, it was placed on a direct collision path with the closest star. In the time it took us to reach that star could we have altered our trajectory enough to avoid the collision and even place ourselves in a goldilocks orbit?

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Published : 8 months ago
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