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[NJ] I'm suing a client who didn't pay me in Small Claims Court. I'll be bringing a lawyer to represent me. Will I be expected to speak for myself/give the account to the judge personally, or would my lawyer typically speak & argue for me?

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LPT: "Nutritionists","Nutritional Therapists", "holistic nutritionist", or "Nutritional Coaches" don't require any formal certification, education or training to use those titles. "Dieticians" do require it. Be careful who you accept diet & nutrition advice from.

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Got a Labcorp collections randomly removed from credit report after over a year of trying. Any idea what happened?

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CMV:While the popularization of Hip-Hop/Rap has had some positive cultural effects, it has also held back minorities with glorification of crime & violence, objectification of women, materialism, and anti-intellectualism. Minority communities would be better off if Hip Hop/Rap was never popularized.

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I don't fully understand arguments against voter ID laws.... why aren't more people arguing over making getting IDs easier for minorities, rather than opposing requirements to show IDs?

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Every day I tell my girlfriend to “Make me into a Burrito!,” and then she rolls me up in my comforter like a burrito for my afternoon nap. I’m a 29 year old dude.

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Heard a rumor that PIA hired Mark Karpeles as CTO...scumbag criminal and CEO of MT Gox who lost millions of his users Bitcoins, charged with fraud, embezzlement, and still ended up almost a billionaire after trial. Is this for real? Is he still working there with? WTF?

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We were overdue for a violent teenage mob this summer...

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Guys who have gotten past their “Peter Pan Syndrome”, how did you do it?

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