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Rep. Gowdy Leaving Politics, Not Seeking Re-Election

Author : holymolym
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Published : 1 month ago
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If You Refuse to Condemn Predators because of Politics, You’re Disgusting

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Published : 4 months ago
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[Mark Medina] Draymond Green on when people say "stick to sports" and not speak about politics. Draymond: "That’s funny because I see everyone thinks they can speak basketball."

Author : urfaselol
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Published : 4 months ago
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TIL that a teenager fooled an entire school, multiple police officers, and a car dealership that he was the youngest State Representative ever. He was escorted to the school, given a tour, and spoke to the high school students about being involved in politics.

Author : beckleyt
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Published : 8 months ago
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The Only Problem in American Politics Is the Republican Party

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Published : 6 months ago
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NBC Politics on Twitter: "JUST IN: Group of Senate Democrats introduce bill to withhold congressional pay during government shutdown: “If members of Congress can’t figure this out and keep the government open, then none of us should get paid.” — Sen. Claire McCaskill https://t.co/fWk1ukZwz9"

Author : kahn_noble
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Published : 2 months ago
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/u/ohaioohio addresses the accusation that "both parties are pretty much the same" by listing Republican and Democrat voting records on numerous issues popular with reddit, eg Net Neutrality, money in politics etc

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Published : 7 months ago
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Californians are leaving en mass, citing high taxes and property costs. Going to red states like Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. Great now they are gonna bring their shitty politics with them and ruin those states too

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Published : 4 hours ago
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Could Technology Remove the Politicians From Politics? - "rather than voting on a human to represent us from afar, we could vote directly, issue-by-issue, on our smartphones, cutting out the cash pouring into political races"

Author : mvea
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Published : 1 year ago
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In unhinged tweetstorm, Trump admits McCabe firing was about politics

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Published : 3 days ago
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People who grew up in nations that no longer exist (Yugoslavia, Zaire, etc.): How was your personal identity affected by the change in politics?

Author : HighDingyDoo
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Published : 1 month ago
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The 2017 "Politics in America" Starterpack

Author : dr0n96
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Published : 9 months ago
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The California Democratic Party 2018 platform includes support for tuition-free college for all, universal basic income, single payer healthcare, a public bank, instant runoff voting, and a new rural-focused plank among other additions. Is this the future of Democratic politics in the US?

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Published : 2 weeks ago
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Barack Obama Is Returning to Politics to Fight Gerrymandering

Author : skoalbrother
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Published : 1 year ago
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TIL that Abraham Lincoln was an elite wrestler in his days before politics. He once challenged a crowd, saying, "I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.” The challenge went unanswered.

Author : RJNavarrete
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Published : 1 year ago
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Wind Power Means Jobs in Texas, and Partisan Politics Isn't Going to Stop It - Wind turbines bring jobs, tax dollars for new schools, income security for farmers and energy independence. To Texans, climate change has little to do with it.

Author : mvea
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Published : 2 months ago
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Paul Ryan went to Florida on Friday... to collect money from rich donors. He was confronted by a local teacher who pleaded with him to listen to regular voters who want stronger gun control in the wake of Wednesday's tragedy. He responded that he "didn't want to talk politics" and ignored her.

Author : F_D_P
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Published : 1 month ago
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/r/politics Favorite News Sources in September, minimum 5000 upvotes [OC]

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Published : 5 months ago
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TIL the seven sins according to Gandhi: "Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle."

Author : allocater
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Published : 1 year ago
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Hawaii senators fire back at Sessions: 'We won’t succumb to your dog whistle politics'

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Published : 10 months ago
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Slovak investigative reporter focusing on tax evasion of people connected to politics found murdered along with his girlfriend

Author : Mattho
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Published : 3 weeks ago
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/r/Politics has banned all ShareBlue links, drama spills everywhere

Author : Deefian
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Published : 1 month ago
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Steven Crowder is the latest online sensation to be silenced by the radical left social media engine. THIS IS DIFFERENT: Crowder's viral series "Change My Mind" is the very definition of the First Amendment, as politics are discussed respectfully openly in public. ORWELLIAN CENSORSHIP!

Author : itsanoobsgame
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Published : 6 days ago
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