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Dick’s, Major Gun Retailer, Will Stop Selling Assault-Style Rifles

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Published : 2 weeks ago
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It’s official: Democrat Conor Lamb wins Pennsylvania special election in major upset.

Author : doogie92
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Published : 4 days ago
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Total ban on the world’s most widely used insecticides likely after major new EU analysis: The EU found that Neonicotinoids cause a wide range of harm to bees, making it highly likely that the pesticides will be banned from all fields across the EU when members vote on the issue next month

Author : Hogron555
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Published : 2 weeks ago
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$300M Puerto Rico recovery contract awarded to tiny utility company linked to major Trump donor

Author : Panda_911
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Published : 4 months ago
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Three major car rental companies dump the NRA

Author : madam1
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Published : 3 weeks ago
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Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach | News

Author : CressCrowbits
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Published : 1 day ago
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You could write a popular show by releasing a cryptic, big budget, highly promoted teaser trailer and then lifting all the major plot points from fan theories on the Internet.

Author : credible_hulk
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Published : 1 day ago
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The German government said on Friday that it would "immediately" stop approving arms exports to anyone participating in the war in Yemen including Saudi Arabia, a major buyer of German weapons.

Author : green_flash
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Published : 1 month ago
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When I read that the Pope has been promoting evolution and warning the major powers against the consequences of climate change

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Published : 2 months ago
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Major Nelson was my Reddit Secret Santa and hooked me up!

Author : ajunrice
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Published : 2 months ago
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TIL Marcia Lucas, George Lucas’ then wife, was the reason for major changes to the Original Star Wars film. Obi Wan’s death, Leia’s good Luck Kiss and re-editing the trench run to increase tension were all her ideas. She won the Academy Award for editing the film while George did not for directing.

Author : thejohnblog
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Published : 3 months ago
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Plans by the Trump administration to promote coal as a solution to climate change at a major UN meeting have angered environmentalists

Author : maxwellhill
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Published : 4 months ago
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A major earthquake shakes Mexico City

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Published : 5 months ago
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Belize, home of the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, has permanently suspended oil operations in its ocean waters: ...the first time that a developing country has taken such a major step to protect its oceans -and all the life within - from oil exploration and extraction.

Author : maxwellhill
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Published : 2 months ago
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The number of philosophy majors in the U.S. has plummeted in the past three years, both in absolute numbers and percentage terms, across a wide range of institution types. Similarly with History, English, and foreign language majors.

Author : eschwitzgebel
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Published : 3 months ago
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TIL that Mythbusters were going to do an episode which highlighted the immense security flaws in most credit cards, but Discovery was threatened by, and eventually gave into immense legal pressure from the major credit card companies.

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Published : 4 months ago
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Jeff Kaplan: "We disagree that Mei needs a major rework. We are trying some improvements to her but they are not major."

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Published : 1 month ago
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Guillermo del Toro's Golden Globe win for directing The Shape of Water is the first major above-the-line award given to a monster movie in modern Hollywood history

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Published : 2 months ago
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2.6 terabyte leak of Panamanian shell company data reveals "how a global industry led by major banks, legal firms, and asset management companies secretly manages the estates of politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, celebrities and professional athletes."

Author : mister_geaux
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Published : 1 year ago
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Every major network the moment 9/11 occurred simultaneously

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Published : 6 months ago
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South Africa - A Reversed Apartheid? (2018) - A documentary shining light on the white boer minority's current situation living in SA. Crowdfunded and made by a swedish political science major from the The Swedish Defence University.

Author : korvasoka
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Published : 22 hours ago
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Donald Trump has reportedly had trouble getting a hotel room for the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. His team apparently waited too long to book accommodations for the President and his travelling staff and were told none of the major hotels had vacancies

Author : Reilly616
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Published : 8 months ago
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