My girlfriend and I (also F, in our mid 20s) have been together three years. She is my first girlfriend, and before that I dated men. It is the healthiest relationship I've had, but we have sex barely ever. Sometimes several months go by at a time without any action. I don't need a ton- like twice a month would be fine with me. And we both enjoy it when we do have it, but neither of us are initiators. It's really hard for me, as I'm used to dating men who are usually WAY hornier and I don't even have to try to get laid. With her I always have to be the instigator and it doesn't always work because we have very different schedules which makes it hard to coordinate timing, too. We are otherwise very affectionate with each other, but I'm starting to feel like I live with a friend, not a partner. And when we do get it on, I don't always want to be the instigator. I'm bisexual and she is a lesbian, and I don't want to make her feel threatened or offend her by bringing up how easy it is with men. I'm seriously starting to crave some basic carnal hetero sex, not because I don't want our relationship to work, but because it was just so easy. I've tried having conversations with her about it (not mentioning the craving parts) and she has vaguely made suggestions that we'll just have to plan better.... But then nothing changes, even when we do have the time. It just doesn't happen? I don't know what to do, or how to get across how much this is starting to affect me. EDIT: when we started dating it wasn't like that at all. but in the short 3 years it's drastically dipped.