I am with my bf (22M) since 4 years and I started to take antidepressants (SSRI) a year ago. When we started dating, we would have sex everytime we saw eachother (multiple times a week) but now we barely have sex once a week... I feel like I don't have any motivation to do the action. Even if I get horny, it's too much effort to make a move on him.

I still masturbate, honestly I masturbate more often than we have sex... It feels so easy to just masturbate, and I don't tell my bf anymore when I do it because I don't want him to think that I am not attracted by him. Though I do feel less attracted by giving him a blowjob, but I don't know why since I did it to him so much before and I liked it.

I feel like he is a bit affected by this, even though he is really patient with me. And outside of our sex life it goes very well, so I don't want to alter our relation because of that.

Has anyone had the same problem than me? What did you do? Did sextoys help? I feel really depressed (haha) about this..

PS: sorry if I am not clear, english isn't my first language