So we have a decent sex life i would say. We are very attracted to eachother etc. The foreplay isn’t consistent and i feel like for me to be as turned on as he is, i need quite a bit of it, sometimes he goes all out, shared pleasure, focused on me a lot, and , sometimes i can tell he just wants to get straight to sex and be done with it. The problem i’m having is, he complains that i never initiate or just ‘play with his dick’ but that’s because i know he will expect a blowjob or handjob or sex, like cmon. what else am i playing with it for? And i would love to be able to just play with it and give him these things but he takes so long to cum that it is such a hassle for me that i don’t bother anymore, my arm and wrist gets tired and hurts, my neck and jaw aches, the usual, and i said this to him over text. His reply was that he’s basically ‘trained himself’ to last longer in sex so whenever anything is happening now it’s harder to cum faster. My issue with this is that he masturbates and it takes 10 minutes easy? But i can’t get him there when using my hands or mouth? What am i doing wrong, an i just bad at it - he says i’m not and he loves it? or is he the problem?