let me preface with this is the first time i’ve ever “slid in the DMs” as they call it. i’m a 23 year old female in college, i’ve messed around with only two other guys before and i met them both through tinder so the intentions were already there and obvious about what we wanted.

this time, it’s a dude i’ve seen before on campus. i had no idea who he was until he popped up on my “people you may know” thing on facebook a week ago. i graduate in december so i said “fuck it” and added him. he accepted my request and i messaged him. i’ve kept it PG cause i didn’t know shit about him and didn’t know how he’d take to me proposing anything sexual that soon (i live in the bible belt so there’s a high volume of dudes who wanna save it for marriage).

anyways. i want to fuck this dude, plain and simple, possible FWB situation if we both want it. and i feel like if i wait any longer he might just think i want to be platonic friends. but i don’t know how to approach him about it, like what do you even say? is there a way to even be casual about this or do you have to bite the bullet and just say it?

edit: i’m aware i said “women” instead of “woman” in the title 💀