My girlfriend and I have been together for about five months and have done anal probably 5 or 6 times. It’s really my thing and I have a lot of experience in it from my previous girlfriend who was very into it.

She on the other hand has only done it a handful of times with previous partners and hadn’t ever enjoyed it.

So we’ve been experimenting, I’ve done everything properly due to my history with it. And two of the last three times she’s climaxed with the help of a hitachi wand.

The only problem is that she gets very awkward and embarrassed from orgasming from it, the other times where it was “just for me” in her eyes she was completely fine. She’s a very open minded girl, but I’d like to put her mind at ease and help her not feel, I don’t know, guilty maybe?

Are any women here able to relate to what she felt and can maybe help me understand so I can help her out or leave it be?