Last in August 2017, Bryan Fuller had mentioned there had been talks to revive the show Hannibal (considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time despite being around for three seasons). The original plan was six seasons by the way.

So far we have not heard much from Fuller about any potential Hannibal revival but if it does happen where would you like to see it. I've got a few options as to where it could air:

NBC - The network that aired the show. It's the first option in mind when a Hannibal revival should occur.

USA Network - A corporate sibling of NBCUniversal, it already airs shows some well-known like Mr. Robot, Suits, The Purge, Queen of the South, The Sinner, Psych, Monk, Burn Notice etc. Reruns of old NBC shows have also been shown on the network for example Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Chicago PD. The aforementioned Law and Order: Criminal Intent aired the rest of its seasons from 2007 until 2011 on USA due to ratings and costs we could give Hannibal a similar treatment. The biggest difference between Hannibal on USA Network vs Hannibal on NBC NBC is that unlike the latter USA is a cable network and thus doesn't have to contend or abide by the FCC which means that in terms of content it could even more bloodier and to an extent sexier than it already was before (even by network standards) and some of its shows are rated TV-MA (Mr. Robot, The Purge).

Starz - The third wheel between the premium cable battle of HBO and Showtime, Starz has only recently began to have glimmer of fame either networks as some shows like Spartacus, Outlander, Power, The Girlfriend Experience, and American Gods have been well received and successful. Bryan Fuller (the creator of this show) has been involved with American Gods and due to these connections Starz could be another place for a Hannibal revival. Just like with USA Network, Starz is a cable network and it has programs which are TV-MA but it is premium (as in subscription based and commercial free) in contrast with the commercially-supported USA and given well Hannibal's content that channel could be a good spot.

Which of the three options you prefer: The network NBC or the cable USA Network or Starz?