Any cartoons that you feel don't deserve all the hate they get?

For adult cartoons I would have to say Spike TV's animation block wasn't nearly as bad as people claimed, it's not high art or anything, but I found it's shows to be dumb fun(when they weren't being disturbing like "Ren Seeks Help" anyways) and I wish Spike's animation block had lasted longer. Gary the Rat showed that Kelsey Grammar was good at doing voice-acting outside of the Simpsons and Stripperella showed that Pamela Anderson could actually be pretty funny(and that Stan Lee has some very interesting ideas outside of Marvel).

For kids cartoons, i'm going to have to say Da Boom Crew really wasn't that bad, though to be fair most never got to watch the entire series as only four episodes aired in America(though you can find all of them on Youtube/Pantaflix) and those early episodes were definitely rough around the edges, but the show found it's groove later on.

Also Rocket Power, yes it's extreme sports focus makes it feel very 90s to say the least, but it's actually quite good in terms of character development. Unlike other cartoons of it's era, the adults are actually competent and usually mean well and when the kids do something they are not supposed to, it's not presented as justified. The kids manage to avoid stereotypes, Reggie is usually the team mom of the group, but she's not above getting as egotistical as Otto or getting down and dirty with her friends. Otto is very full of himself, but also man enough to admit when he's wrong. Twister despite not being too bright at a lot of things, is capable of being a good leader, he would just rather not deal with all the pressure. Sam is into a lot of geek stuff, but he's not too geeky to be into sports or have fun with his friends. Ray is a tough but fair father, though sometimes misses the bigger picture. Tito is a cool friend who dispenses good advice, but is also pretty funny.

The show is also pretty good in terms of representation, with only one of the main cast being white(Otto and Reggie are later revealed to be half-Hawaiian) and they even got actual Hawaiian comedian Ray Bumetai(who sadly passed away of cancer in 2005) to voice Tito(yes I know Tito's not a real Hawaiian name, but it's likely just a nickname and i'd say the show not going the Apu route more then makes up for it). Plus the fact that Nick later ended up airing a third rate version of that show(I.E. Wild Grinders) made Rocket Power look all the better by comparison.