I have been with her for a little over a month. The sex is great but I have trouble getting her off. The reason is I can’t tell what she likes and doesn’t like.

I tried to communicate with her and she told me she likes everything. I told her I have trouble figuring out if she’s enjoying something. Or is hurting her. I’m more dominate and she’s very submissive. So she will take whatever I do to her and later tell me it hurt.

I told her if it’s not good pain let me know. To give me a way of telling if she’s really enjoying something or not. She said okay but it doesn’t change. Her moans are the same. And then I get in my head thinking “is this hurting her?”

“Is she enjoying this or not?”

I am trying new things to feel her out but again she’s very hard to read. I will be eating her out and she will be moaning and moving around but I can’t tell if it’s sensitive or feels good. Sometimes later she will say it was sensitive. Sometimes she will say it feels good.

But one thing is she’s not getting off. And I don’t want to ruin the mood asking if this is good or if she’s okay every couple minutes.

Any advice here??