I've never really had this issue before. I'm sure if I worked out or I hadn't showered I wouldn't smell great, but recently my balls and taint (not sure if there's a proper term for the general area) just don't smell great after a day of just about anything.

I don't think I sweat a ton, at least not more than at any other point in my life. Sure, it's winter and clothing is definitely less ventilated. I bathe regularly (mornings). Lately I've even been blow drying on cold as I am a relatively hairy guy and I thought maybe dampness after showering was just turning to dankness but I'm not sure it's helping.

So two questions.

  1. Is it normal to start smelling worse at a certain point, and is there anything I can do in general to have my body just smell better?

  2. Outside of potential answers to the first question, if I just accept that for some reason I'm getting dank faster, does anyone have an effective solution they use? Different underwear, powders, soaps, etc?