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So a little background:

Me(26M) and my girlfriend(24F) who we'll call Belle, have been together 3-4 years now.

I'm a heavy set guy who looks better with a beard. Shes voluptuous and is just gorgeous to look at.

She is by far the best friend I've ever had. There's no one I've ever felt as safe with and no one I've ever trusted as much. It's safe to say that we have a pretty great relationship. It's at least the best I've ever had. As far as I know she feels the same way too lol

Our sex life is a little boring to be honest but she has a pretty low sex drive which I've come to accept. We fool around about every other week. Work and childcare tends to make everyone tired. We have plenty of romance in case anyone is worried. I have noticed that long term monogamy brings out your inner kinks. We're also but bi.

The only thing we both find our relationship is lacking is couple friends. Mainly because most of our friends are single and what few friends we have with spouces or SOs, we're not too fond of the spouses. So we always keep an eye out for potential "Best Couple Friends"

Now I have friend (26F) we'll call Cohen that I've known now for 12ish years. She's pretty chill and we've always had a great time. She dated my best friend for years (actually how me and her became friends) I actually wish they were still together but my best friend is a dipshit and chose to be in a relationship with a troll of a woman who abuses him and their children but thats a story for another sub reddit.

Back to Cohen. She voluptuous like my girlfriend and just as gorgeous. She is extremely fun to be around and in a different life I'm sure we would have been best friends. There was a time I'm sure we had a chance to be together or at least hook up but I was pretty oblivious to it, so it never happened. Which I'm completely fine with, I'm not someone to pine or think "what could have been"

A few years back Cohen married and had a kid with a guy named .. Let's say Franklin. I don't really know too much about Franklin, besides the brief encounter I had with him at the wedding and a few "hey how are ya's" at parties and such I haven't even really talked to him much. His family however, I and much of my town know his family. They have a bit of a .... Bad record you could say. Franklin seems on the up and up though and seemingly fairly popular. He's a bit larger than life and has a dark and "inappropriate" sense of humour, which I'm cool with because so do I. He's a heavy set guy like me but hes prematurely balding.

Belle has always liked Cohen, saying how much she'd love to be friends with her. While they work at the same place they never see each other but they message on FB every now and then. We invite them to events and vise versa. Belle has noted that Cohen has admitted to the same problem we have. Lack of couple friends. We'd always plan to make plans but it never goes through.

Until last week when they invited us over for a grown up dinner for Wednesday (last night). Belle was actually really excited by the whole thing. So we found a sitter and off we went.

Now in all honesty, I found this was kinda strange. It was just out of blue and unlike Cohen.

Not long after we arrived we had dinner. Cohen is a trained cheff so it was an amazing meal. It was this perfectly seasoned chicken with some kind of homemade pasta I can't even be bothered to try to spell. Me and belle each had a plate and split another it was so good.

After dinner we busted out the Cards Against Humanity while Franklin started to bring out the booze. I'm not of a drinker myself and Belle was driving so we abstained from drinker too much. I think I had a beer and Belle had 2 glasses of wine in total. Franlin and Cohen had quite a few more but obviously had no where to drive.

The night was progressing well, we were laughing at the cards that were drawn and playfully arguing over who was winning. We played for roughly an hour when we all just kind of forget about the cards on the table and began talking about an assortment of topics.

It ranged from Canadian polotics to how good A Star is Born and the Freddy Mercury movies supposedly are.

Cohen began to complain about boob sweat and Belle immediately related, seeing as they're both well endowed it wasn't surprising. From there Franklin began to praise his wifes breast and I followed suit about Belle. From here the conversation became quite sexual in nature. For me this isn't a problem, I'm quite sexual and rather nosey into other people's sexual exploits. Belle on the other hand clearly felt a smidge awkward. She's not a prude by any means but just didn't know Franklin well enough to share those details.

Cue the second glass of wine.

Belle began to open up a bit more. This wasn't a problem for me as I tend to be an oversharer.

I mentioned how the other night Belle basically sucked the soul out of me. Belle commented on the amount cum I prodused because of my No-Nut November commitment (I've just sworn off jerking it but won't deny the sex or a blowie)

Cohen told us how every time she gives Franklin oral he acts as if it's the first one he has ever recieved. Franklin mentioned how sensitive Cohens nipples were and how she loved her bum smacked.

While the conversation was obviously sexual, it was very casual. It was more of a entertaining talk than arousing one.

Me and Franklin both mentioned that we felt long term monogamy brought out some inner kinks, as I mentioned earlier. We strangely bonded over this, especially after I confessed I think I'm a closeted cuck. As if my saying that was a trigger, both Franklin and Cohen perked up. Franklin became lost trying to find the words to say what he wanted to. After fumbling a bit he brings up how they've thought of trying this one thing. This taboo thing. They have been thinking about swinging.

While I'm no stranger to the idea, in fact most of my porn hub search results are for "Cuck" and "wife sharing" I've never put the fantasy into motion. I've talked about it with Belle and while she never jumped at the idea, she wasn't opposed to either.

After discussing the notion of swinging that's when it happened. Franklin looked at us and asked if we were interested in swapping. With them.

As I said earlier I almost hooked up with Cohen before and while I never beat myself up over missing the chance, I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind.

  • Cohen is very attractive, and has always been sexually adventurous. The last time I had asked (which was years ago at this point) she had over 30 sexual partners.

Me and Belle both were taken aback by this proposition. Not appalled or offended, just kind of shook. We looked at one another and back at them and both chuckled and said maybe.

We talked on it a bit more but the topic quickly changed. The night didn't last much longer after that and we were ready to call it a night. We gave hugs goodbye and were walking out the door when Franklin tried to subtly remind us to "think about it"

Jump cut to later that night at home just after pushing the sitter out the door.

Me and Belle look at each other wide eyed and silent.

I broke it with a long "sooooooo....?"

I honestly expected her to tell me she only said "maybe" as to not make things awkward but Belle decided to surprise me.

She was thinking about it. It was better than finding a stranger and Cohen was really fun. She admitted she didn't really find Franklin attractive and thought he was a bit of a misogynist ass hole(which is true) but in a charming "at least hes funny" sort of way.

My stance on it I assume is obvious. I'm totally for it but I don't want to seem go eager or have Belle feel pressured.

Then there's the risk of ruining our friendship with Cohen.

I'm not worried about it jeopardizing my and Belle's relationship at all though. And neither is Belle for that matter. We both know we love each other.

What do all of you think? What should we do ? What're your experiences with this kind of thing ?

TLDR; Some potential couple friends asked me and my girlfriend to swing