Hey so I’ve been friends with this guy for two years and honestly he’s a really good guy. He’s not malicious or anything. We’re close friends and he does care about me a lot. We started a fwb thing. So we talked about boundaries, what we’re comfortable with, etc. and he told me that he doesn’t like to use condoms BUT promises to be exclusive with me. I do believe he would be by the way. I trust him.

I’ve been on birth control for four years and have been very good at taking it. We both got tested for STD’s and came up negative. He says he’d just pull out.

Is it a good idea?? The reason why I hesitate is because of the pregnancy thing. I’m 20 and he’s 22. We’re both students. Also, he’s used to just not using condoms at all and he says the two times he’s used them it was awful and that he just didn’t like it. So it seems like I have a choice between either no sex or sex without a condom.

If anyone has any experience with being on the pill but not using condoms, please explain how you felt and what you did. If you haven’t, maybe give your opinion???