There's something I'd like to explain to those that might not necessarily understand why so many people have been asking for a Batman continuation of Gotham. Gotham, the Lethal Weapon, crime drama taking place with no Batman in sight. I find it odd myself, but the urge us much less about the show itself, it's people's starvation, their longing for something equals the greatest and legacy that Batman the Animated Series brought us all.

The world of Batman and his villains are a wonderful, enchanting, and mystical place and gallery. There's no other super hero world out there that's cooler than Batman's in my and many fans' opinion. So many feel this way, and we're hungry, desperate even for this story this continuity to be told. In a glorified, big way that it does it justice. With painstaking detail, set pieces, and the writing that it deserves.

Now the people that make Gotham are by no means perfect. No human beings are, but given the parameters, the production schedule, character restriction usage, and budget they've been given, they've done a praiseworthy job. You'd either have to be the most cynical asshole, or a complete fool to deny the quality of the work they've done. What I've heard of to be coming in Season 5 is utterly absurd. How can they afford all this?! They've been holding nothing back and pushing the boundaries to their absolute maximum of what can being done on television and beyond.

If you're still not convinced they could do a good enough job. That's okay. My attempt to reason with you can only go so far. You have to decide for yourself, but I do want to convince you and ask you that we agree to this one goal. That Batman deserves a legacy to be remembered by for future generations to come. We need a proper follow up to Batman the animated series that captures our hearts and minds just as strongly, if not more so. I'll leave that up to you to decide if it should be made by the cast & crew of Gotham but I think they should. I strongly recommend it.