I [32M] always make sure to go down on a girl anytime we have sex. A lot of this is because I really really love going down on a girl and the more attracted I am to her, the more I love doing it. But, I very often noticed a lack of reciprocation.

Currently, I've been hooking up with someone [27F] for about 4 or 5 weeks now and we have sex a lot. The sex is amazing and we both love it (seriously intense and mind blowing). I go down on her a lot, every time before we have sex and sometimes just randomly, just because I want to or when we don't have time to have sex. I've made her cum multiple times from oral and always do it enthusiastically.

We've established that we're only hooking up with each other and it seems like we both like each other and likely start dating officially in the future. But, despite how generous I am with oral sex (because I earnestly enjoy it), she has not reciprocated oral sex once.

So I guess I'm looking for an explanation and would like to know from other women, how often do you give head and in what circumstances? Do you only do it for boyfriends? Only with guys you are hooking up regularly? Or with all or most sexual partners regardless (including one time hook ups, etc.)? Is it normal to hook up with a guy regularly who goes down you a lot and not reciprocate at all?

Also, is there anything I can do? I don't want to ask because the last thing I want to do is pressure someone and even asking can be a form of pressure. Also, it's not something that I want to ask for because I want it to be something the other person does on their own. I feel like asking is kind of weird, I'd feel like I was begging and then if she does it, it won't feel right, I'll still feel like she's only doing it because I asked and she felt some kind of obligation.

That being said, is there a way to bring it up that's acceptable and doesn't put any pressure on her at all? Or something else I can do to facilitate it happening?

And importantly, is there any explanation of why she doesn't give oral other than she just plain doesn't like it and doesn't want to go down me? It definitely doesn't seem like she's shy btw, she's not shy at all in the bedroom, or shy at all really. Also, I have good hygiene, especially down there and I even shave regularly. Should I just accept that it's just something she doesn't want to do and accept the situation and continue to enjoy the current activities?

By the way, getting head is not something super important to me, honestly I enjoy giving her head more than I would enjoy getting head (I'm pretty sure). But it is something that would definitely be nice to get and the fact that she hasn't has been eating at me, almost makes me feel slightly insecure like she's rejecting me in a way or that she's not attracted to me enough to do it (that's probably not the right way to feel about it but my mind can't help but go there.)

I know I asked a lot of questions, but any amount of insight is very much appreciated.