So my girlfriend has this relatively new ritual of showering before sex... like if she does anything between the shower and sex, she isn't comfortable. This has thrown a wrench in things.

1) All spontaneity is gone. She showers, we have sex. Or she showers before bed (usually she waits til morning) which to me is a cue that sex is going to happen, I get all excited... then no sex. I've never believed in blue balls but I've just now at this age been experiencing it in a very very hardcore way. Like it hurts. Physically and emotionally. I just want to be close to her. I want to be able to organically have sex when we feel like it, whether it's right after the gym, after a long day, in the car, you name it... all of this is shower free.

2) She has no smell! She thinks she does but she doesn't! And the faint smell she does have I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING LOVE. Like I could probably orgasm from eating her out alone if I tried hard enough. I adore her vagina... like I could fucking live there. But she showers all of the pheremones off and I wish she wouldn't! I can't think of anything hotter than being sweaty from the gym and just worshipping her and having awesome sex... but this looks doubtful to happen.

How to I breach this topic? I've been sneaking in a TON of hints and even a few times outrightly said not to shower, or you don't need to shower, or I love the way you smell... and still she HAS to shower to be comfortable for sex. I wish she'd give me the chance to show her so she could be comfortable. What do I say/do?