My SO and I are an older couple, we haven't had sex for several years. We talked about it and decided we would try to renew our love making. It was painful for her and I couldn't quite get completely hard so we decided to both see our doctors. She used some cream to ease her dryness, I got some ED pills and we tried again, but still not much I could do although we got much closer to full penetration. We agreed that we just needed more practice, but now she's not interested at all and apologizes to me because she doesn't get aroused.

What can I do to help my partner? She seems to feel guilty but she has rarely initiated love making for years. Now she won't initiate at all and I feel like a perv trying to get her to participate... so our love life just isn't... it hurts too much when I try and 9 out of 10 I get turned down. I'm feeling bitter and angry which is a real mood killer on it's own.

If you've been through this, what do you do to get aroused?