Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is the correct subreddit for this, but I wanted to hear from a sex positive community. If there's a better subreddit to redirect this to, please let me know.

I [25F] didn't receive a lot of support or guidance about sex as an adolescent, with most of the education my mom gave me being somewhere along the lines of "All men will take advantage of you, don't even kiss boys, you WILL get pregnant if you have sex,", etc etc. It gave me a pretty sizable fear of relationships and any kind of physical intimacy until I was in college. I'm lucky to have had access to internet resources and figured out healthy sex practices on my own (with the help of such communities as reddit), but I want my siblings to have better experiences.

Background information: I live reasonably close to my family and see them about once a month.

My sister is 10 and just started her period. According to our mom, she just looked up what was happening on her tablet and then calmly asked mom for what she needed, so I can tell that she's able and willing to learn how to take care of herself. Our mom later told me she gave her essentially the same spiel she gave me as a kid. I don't know what an appropriate age to start talking about sex is, or how to talk to her about her body or her needs, but I want her to feel safe to come to me with any questions AND I want her to have an accurate knowledge of how sex works and how to protect herself.

I feel similarly for my 15 yo brother, but I don't want to force the conversation on him if I'm not the person he wants to confide in. I don't know what sex education he's had, and at this age I think he's too old to want to listen to his sister about anything sex related, but he's undoubtedly exposed.

What are some ways I can give guidance to my siblings or at least let them know they can ask me anything when our family will not? Edit: Or what are some resources I can give to my siblings so they can arm themselves in their own time?