I used to watch this show as a kid back in the 1990s.

I've been taping the re-runs of it on my digibox, as Channel 4 air it here in the United Kingdom early in the morning, and re-watching it. Good to see the things I missed first time around due to being a kid and the humor going over my head.

It was one of the first shows I saw John Lithgow on, and he was pretty good as Dick Solomon, it's still the iconic role for me that comes to mind if you were to ask me who John Lithgow is.

The episode Political Dick is pretty much appropriate for our times now given the political correctness, things like genderfluidity, bathroom debate over gender, Trump administration etc. [I've taped this on the digibox but have to see it].

Go Hooty [forgotten the episode's name] - the one where Tommy wears the owl outfit - funny, but so over-the-top.

It's a sitcom, sure, but a classic one, and one I've only recently got back into.

I don't think a reboot or revival could work, as it was of its day, but if anyone thinks it would work, I stand corrected.

Are there any other fans here?

I'm interested to know.