Obligatory this happened yesterday, but lets get some context.

My uncle is super rich and buys a new Mercedes every few years. When he gets the newest one, he sells off the older car to one of his brothers for super cheap. He's sold two to my dad, and so my car was a '98 ML320 until it died about month ago. The other car he bought is a 2014 C-class and I get to drive it when I'm home. So, I figured I'd take it over to my girlfriends house. We've been dating about 2 years, but she's a senior in high school while I'm in college and it was really taking a toll on our relationship. I came home this weekend to finally end things between us, and take the c-class over to her place. I get there just fine and end things smoothly. On my way home there is this super fun road to take that follows a winding river for miles, and its a blast in the c-class. Given my current mental state, I decide that a drive is just the thing I need to cheer me up.

I take off down the road going 70 and soon forget about what happened. With it being fall in the lovely midwest United States this time of year, leaves are falling off the trees everywhere. Usually its no big deal, and it makes for some beautiful scenery next to the river. I approach a turn I've taken a hundred times, and notice that there are hella leaves on my half of the road. I slow down a bit for the turn, hit the leaves and immediate realize that I fucked up. I completely forgot that it rained two days ago, and that leaves get slippery when wet (big shocker). While the top looked dry as bones, the bottom of the pile was still soaked with residual rainwater. I lose traction and continue straight off the road, clip the end of the guardrail and smack into a tree which redirects my car to where it is rolling down the bank and into the river. I managed to stop the car before it sank, but managed to cause damage to every single body panel on the right side of the car, including both wheels. Took it to the body shop to find out that its almost $9k in damage. What a great day.

TL;DR broke up with my girlfriend of 2+ years and went on a joyride in my dads Mercedes c-class to clear my head. Hit some leaves on a tight turn that looked dry but were actually really wet underneath. Clipped a guardrail, slammed into a tree, nearly sank in the river and owe $9k for repairing the car.