Didn't happen today but 2 days ago, just regaining my sight enough to be able to type.

So i was working with my dad and we were close to finishing up and i started packing stuff and carrying it to the car. I loaded as much stuff as i can carry to save some walking time, so i had my hands full and couldn't really use my left a at all. I had a cable on my right shoulder and about 1.5m of it got unwrapped and tangled between my legs, so i untangled it and decided to fling it over my shoulder to bunch it up again. So i did that, and it wrapped itself back hitting my ear on the first turn, but it was a bit longer than i expected and kept wrapping itself around and the cut end with 3 solid copper wires hit me straight into my right eye. (Kinda hard to explain just with text what exactly happened...) Thein wasn't that bad for the first half hour, that's when i knew something wasn't right and went to the ER. After an hour and a half of waiting and literally weeping in pain and refraining myself from screaming it was my turn. So to keep it short i destroyed my cornea, big chunks of it are missing but doc said it should heal and there shouldn't be any permanent consequences, but it will hurt like hell, and that im lucky it didn't go any deeper or I'd be blind right now. And it fucking did hurt like hell, the pain in first 24h was unbearable, i seriously considered plucking that eye out.

Anyways, moral of the story is you should ALWAYS take extra care of your eyes, wear safety goggles, no matter how stupid you think you look, you have one set of eyes, if you damage them it WILL hurt like the devil himself is pouring acid with some razors mixed in for fun into your eyes. Oh and it's not fun not being able to see for 2 days.


TL;DR flung a cut cable over my shoulder and it ended up hitting straight into my right eye destroying my cornea which ensued two days of excruciating pain.