This is my first post on TIFU, sorry if the formatting is bad. This fuck up was a few years ago.

TL;DR is at the bottom.

Anyway, lets begin. It starts a couple days before I flew out to Colorado to ski. At the time, I didn't know how to properly fit ski boots. I was testing out my boots and equipment to ensure that everything was still in working order. When I tried on my ski boots, I thought they were too small. My brother had old ski boots;so, I tried his old ski boots to see if they were a good fit. I liked the way his ski boots fit me and sold my ski boots. I thought I was ready for the ski season until the Colorado trip came around...

Cut to the time when I'm skiing in Colorado. I was skiing and I realized that my feet were hurting. It wasn't the typical sore feet from skiing, it was the improper fit of my brother's ski boots. I explained to my cousin, who I skied with that day, that something was wrong. He thought I was adjusting to the slopes and altitude since Colorado is higher in altitude and has longer runs than Minnesota. I described the situation to him and he thought I should go to a ski boot shop at the base to get an adjustment.

I skied down to the base of the mountain and went to the ski boot outlet. The man explained to me that my ski boots were too big and sized me. He tried to sell me into buying ski boots but I declined him as I wanted to rent boots for the rest of the trip and try to get my old boots back once I returned home. So, I ran to a rental shop and rented proper fitting ski boots and ended my day.

The next morning, I went skiing with my rental boots with plans to turn them in at the end of the day. Ski bases in Colorado are practically villages where there are restaurants, shops, and hotels. The particular ski shop was around 3 blocks from the parking lot. After returning my ski boots, I realized I forgot to bring my shoes with me before returning the rental boots. I stayed in the shop contemplating my fuck up. My cousin offered to push me in a wagon since ski villages have a lot of those laying around. He couldn't locate one and I eventually built the nerve to dash through half the ski village in socks in the middle of winter. People stared at my dumb ass running through the village with socks. I stopped on any dry patches I could find since it wasn't wet. I made it to the car in the parking lot, where my shoes were the whole time.

I ended up buying a new pair of ski boots during that trip and flew home soon after.

TL;DR: I didn't know how ski boots were supposed to fit, ran across a village in socks during winter, and blew $500 because of my stupid mistake.