This is actually currently happening.

So at my school we have what are called block days. On a normal day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) we have 6 periods, however on we only periods 1, 3, and 5 on Thursday, and periods 2, ,4, and 6 on Friday. As you know, today’s Friday and on Friday I have 2 4th and 6th TA classes on Friday. Since the TA classes will take up 2/3rds of my day and I will probably sit there on my phone anyway I just decided to leave.

Leaving is the easy part. I drive to school and the school staff don’t really care to try and filter the kids who are trying to skip from the ones who have OJT (OJT is a program you can enter if you have a job and you can leave early.) In fact I’ve done a couple times before and it’s been easy. However during the time when 2nd period ends (when I left) is when my moms usually home on her break from work. I decided to stop at a nearby gas station and send my mom a clever text to see she had already been home. She already had been home. “Cool, now I can relax” I thought. I go to turn my car on and... it doesn’t start. I try again... Fuck.

I have to pick my sister at the end of school so if I can’t fix it by then I will most definitely get caught.

I think I know the problem is so I could ask for help, but’s it’s not looking good.

TLDR: Skipped school, when to a gas station, tried to start car, stuck at a gas station, will get caught if I don’t get it fixed.

Update: I’m home now. A lady was working the counter convinced her father to help an incompetent teenager to fix his car and he did. Thank you, old man.