After a low-key Halloween event at work, I brought home with me a nice handful of candies, among them a fruit roll-up mini. Later on, chilling at home, the urge for something sweet struck me so naturally, I reached for the candy.

Thing is, I hate touching my food if I haven't washed my hands. So instead of taking the fruit roll-up and unrolling it to eat like a civilized person would do, I figured I'd just hold it with the wrapper and take a bite from the end, with it still rolled up. So I did. A big whomping bite.

Immediately I could tell something was wrong. It was way tougher than I was expecting it to be, but I didn't have a lot of experience with fruit roll-ups. I never really ate them as a kid. So I figured it must be a naturally tough candy and kept going at it. Just gnawing away trying to get my teeth all the way through. That didn't work though, so finally I clamped my teeth down and pulled, with all my might. It took two or three tries but I managed to rip off a nice chunk and, satisfied with my reward, chewed and swallowed.

Well, I wasn't going through that again so I went to wash my hands and came back to eat the candy properly. And that was when I realized that it was not just a fruit-flavored ribbon wrapped in a spiral like I'd been assuming. Instead, it's a thin layer of candy pressed against a sheet of plastic, which was then rolled up. Plastic which was now half missing and jagged along one edge where some idiot had torn it off with his teeth like an animal.

TL;DR I bit off a piece of a fruit roll-up without unrolling it, and now have a bunch of plastic happily digesting in my stomach