So this didn't happen today (big surprise) but happened about this time last week when I was on a Geology field trip in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I was staying in a hotel and I guess the water in the town I was in is bad or something, cause you had to boil it first before drinking it. The sign that says "please boil the water before drinking" was in front of two bottles of water, which lead me to (stupidly) thinking that you had to boil the bottled water first before drinking it...

So one night I got thirsty and so I poured the water into the kettle and let it boil. Once this was done I got a glass and began pouring the water into the glass to let it cool down so I could drink it. What I didn't realise was that the kettle lid was slightly off, so the just-boiled water spilled right onto my hand. It hurt. I initially decided it was no big deal and just ran it under the cold tap for a while. When I went down for dinner that night, someone said it looked pretty nasty and that I should tell one of the trip's leaders about it, which I did. I got some ice in a bag to keep it cold, which ended up melting and spilling on my lap, which made it look like I had pissed myself. This evening didn't go very well.

It eventually blistered a bit, and the blisters were accidentally burst when I was putting on my seat belt on the coach ride back from one of the days out. This hurt even more. It doesn't really hurt anymore, but it still looks fairly nasty and it bleeds occasionally.

TL;DR I burned my hand fairly badly by spilling boiling hot water on it from a kettle when I stupidly boiled bottled water in a hotel, which lead to it blistering and looking like some kind of tropical disease.