Ok, obligatory this didn't happen today but happened a few years ago. So when I was in middle school I wasn't the greatest student. I was always getting in trouble, suspended, you name it. Naturally, this eventually led to the bright idea of bringing a product called "liquid ass" to school. Liquid ass is more or less a spray that smells pretty fucking horrible.

So near the end of 8th grade, one day during lunch I had thought it'd be hilarious to spray this girls bookbag with liquid ass. So I make sure my friends don't say anything and make sure they have a cover story, then I go and do it. As lunch ends and we start going walking back to the 8th grade pod we all noticed a smell in the hallway, the girl who's bookbag we sprayed. We get to the pod and almost immediately we're all detained in the pod. As it turns out, almost immediately they found out about someone being sprayed with it.

For about 20 minutes they were talking with her and then I was called out. I just denied everything. Then one by one my friends kept on getting called out, and they all covered for me.

This went on for what seemed like a few hours. Until I was called out again and was told that I was, in fact, the person that sprayed it. Apparently the cameras in the lunch room caught me spraying it. I ended up getting suspended for 5 days and one of my friends ended up suspended as well. Funny thing is, I'm actually friends with that girl today lol.

TL;DR: Sprayed a girl's bookbag with liquid ass and ended up getting suspended.