So this actually happened Last Thursday night, but I just started finding it funny today. I just came from donating plasma for cash, and where I live every other city the age for buying tobacco vary from city to city, *cough cough* Illinois. So I normally lock my doors, and bring my keys in with me. But it was kinda cold and gonna be quick, so I left my keys in the ignition. I also however, still locked my doors. I called the Boilingbrook police department, thinking they would help me out, but they told me they don't do lockouts. So I call back a little later asking to be transferred to the next town over PD, cause I'm a resident there, and I know they do lockouts. When I called them this time, they told me to stop calling 911, and the operator lady got really pissed off at me and said if it's not an emergency don't dial this number, and I just hung up after she started pestering me. So I end up being stuck at a gas station for 2 or so hours, and I notice smoke coming from my car, so I call the police station one more time, like the boy who cried wolf, and as I told them the problem, they started to remind me I was on a recorded line, and they double checked that what I said was true, and made sure I wasn't lying. When they finally got there, they were debating on breaking my window to unlock the car, or using the lock kit that a cop had in his car. I suggested the kit, but they broke my window anyways. After they opened up my car's engine bay. They could see that my coolant was boiling within the reservoir. So they took out a cylinder container that you hand pump to create the water pressure to spray water all over my steaming hot engine bay. They tell me the car isn't driveable and to call a tow. I know that they're not mechanics, so I don't take their word for it. Especially since I'm an amatuer mechanic. I have this mystery man mobile mechanic man pull up out of the blue, and he offers to do work to my car at his house nearby. I took it there, and he fixed my radiator leak the next morning. He did this before I allowed him to do work or signed papers or anything. So when he told me 225$ I reminded him that I gave him no consent to work on my car. I only payed 115$, but I am still upsetti that he did work anyways without asking before hand. I also still have glass in my back seat, and I'm waiting on my window to arrive so I can take the packaging tape off of it.

TLDR; Long story short locked my doorsies, no pack of smoksies from the gazz station, I got locked out and, passenger window had to be broksies cause of car smoksies, due to radiatior leak, oh nosies. Mystery man Mechanic, talked to me while I was manic. Fixed my car, and sent me in a panic. Window still brokey, makes me wanna take a tokey, replace that bitch next week, while I have a smokey.