Please excuse my typing, I’m on mobile and have no idea what I’m doing. TLDR at the bottom.

So I’m sat at my desk at work, on my break just browsing the internet when I get a phone call from a guy saying “hi we’re at the back door, can you come let us in” For some reason, I started running to the door without noticing my left foot was completely numb. So obviously I step funny and I stumble at first but then my foot makes this UNHOLY noise. Like a huge crack and then just a POP. I fall to the floor, start seeing spots, I’m obviously dying. I then remember, shit, there’s still people at the door. I drag my stupid ass to the door, fling it open, mutter something about hurting myself and hobble back to my desk. Look at my foot and there’s something fucking popping at out it so I’m feeling faint and sick again. I’m sitting with my head between my legs so I don’t faint and calling my bf to come pick me up cause I sure as fuck can’t drive. Probably made things worse by planning to ring my boss to tell her what happened but instead shouting “IM HURT. ITS BAD. ITS BAD. CAN I LEAVE”

Few hours later in the ER, nurse suspects a broken foot but instead, I’ve damaged the ligaments and I now need crutches and physio on my foot for the next 6 months. They said if I damaged my foot again during these six months, it’s likely my ankle will break so. Great. I’m off work for a bit as can’t make the hour drive there, so it’s not all bad I guess!

TLDR: Ran to the back door while my foot was numb and fucked up my foot beyond repair for the next 6 months.