First, let me set the scene. Winter is finaly here and the roads suck. So this morning I decided to put my winter tires by myself, no problem I have an hour and a half before I need to leave. Well go figure, it takes longer then expected and I get in a hurry. I'm putting all the lug-nuts on by hand and then tightening them down with a ratchet. Well here is where I srewed up. In my haste I apparently forgot to use the ratchet on one of my front tires, and shortly after I hit the highway it felt like I hit a bump in the road with no bottom. I hit the bottom soon enough and my tire zoomed by as I tried to steer onto the shoulder with three tires. Now I need new lug nuts, probably a new rotor. And I missed class.

TLDR: Didn't tighten my winter tire, and it passed me doing 55mph.