I’m a freshman in college this year and really wanted to turn over a new leaf and be the best student I could in all my classes. I’m taking a higher level english course because I tested out of the other ones so my professor has high expectations for our class, which is composed of majority upper classmen, so I feel even more pressure to do really good. I’ve always sucked at science and math but one thing I’ve always felt confident in is my writing ability. I was so excited to turn in my first essay and know that I’d have a low A or A . It was going to be really nice starting off solid for the semester in at least one of my classes.

I got my paper back and got an 84. Aside from some citation errors, the chunk of my points had been lost because of organization. I talked to my professor and he took one look at the introduction and was like “Where’s your thesis statement?”

I was so focused on the rest of the body paragraphs that I forgot to edit the introduction and finishing writing my thesis statement. He’s probably wondering how I even made it in his class.

Proof read your papers kids. All of it.

tldr: I forgot the most BASIC element of an essay (the thesis statement) and lost a fat load of points that cost me an A and my peace of mind for the class.