Yeesh, I know, but here's some context.

About two years back I used to play Rust a lot (a post-apocalyptic survival game like DayZ) and I had a group of "friends" that I met in the game. In that group (names have been changed) there was me, my boy Jimmy (me and him found the group together, I still talk with him today), and the three we had met, Greg, Matt, and Jeff. Greg was the 'leader' of the group - more or less a founder - and he was really stingy about his clanmates accessing his stuff (because he was afraid we might try to pull something. Hmmm, did he know he was an ass?). Matt was Greg's brother and was really cool, really friendly and whatnot. Now with Jeff, I still - while it's REALLY infrequent - talk and keep in touch with him. He was pretty cool and one of the more mature people in the group.

Enough background, let's get to the scene. Me and my boy Jimmy and Jeff had built a pretty big (not recommended in this type of game) house with lots of open space and it was really nice. Greg and Matt built a really strong, small stone base and had it pretty fortified with massive walls against the smaller ones.

One fateful time, I ran out to get resources and passed by their base. I don't remember what happened, but we got to a point where he had killed me (I think Jeff started shit with them and I got caught up in the crossfire? Or we blew into their base? I can't really remember) and they took my stuff into their base. I respawned and came back to their base with nothing just to ask for my stuff back. They kept killing me over and over again, yet to piss me off they gave Jimmy his stuff back since he died too. They said "sure, here's your stuff" but only dropped me my pickaxe. I essentially said "what the hell" and asked them where my other stuff was. They said "you'll have to work for it" and told me to start harvesting stuff.

At this point, I'm REALLY pissed, since they gave Jimmy his stuff back just to spite me and kept killing me. Eventually, Greg
started harvesting stuff too, so I thought "FUCK YOU YOU ANAL BEAD" and stabbed him in the back of the head with my pickaxe. He had just about the best friggin armor in the game, so that did next to nothing. He pulled out a gun and shot me dead and said something like "now that wasn't very nice".

At that point, I LOST it. I got up out of my chair and threw my Blue Snowball (really top heavy and has a little sharp bump where the light is) at my monitor. I was trying to just throw it at my wall since it was really tough and it would help calm me down (great fucking thinking, right?) but I missed and hit my monitor instead.

It was surreal. I didn't believe it. I started crying at the fact that my monitor was FUCKED and I had to spend a fuckload of money to get a new one, all still on with that same microphone still on. My dad came in, and to my surprise tried comforting me and unplugged my microphone instead of being livid. He was really calm and more caring than anything.

Flip to now, and I see that they were asshats. They were always kind of picking on me, giving me shit for unnecessary things and whatnot. Now, I haven't talked to them in months if not over a year and blocked almost everyone in that group. I've found a new group of people to hang out with and we've been friends for over 3 years (yea, I was friends with these guys too while this was going on) now.

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TL;DR: I got angry at my friends for repeatedly killing me in a game so I slammed my microphone and broke my monitor.