Today I woke up late, hopped in the shower and started rushing through it, washed my hair face neck ears as fast as I could, and then moved on to wash from the neck down. Lifted up my left foot, soaped it up, put it down. Lifted up my right foot, soaped it up, put it down and it slipped out forward from underneath me incredibly fast, and I nailed the underside of my foot on the drain stopper. I’ve never felt such a pain, I was bent over for a good 2 minutes just trying as hard as I could to eat it. Now I have a drain stopper shaped welt under my second toe, and I’m walking with a limp.

Tl dr - rushed in the shower, didn’t rinse soap off one foot before standing back on it and slipped and nailed the drain stopper.

Good fuckin morning. /s