I was watching Netflix on my phone before bed, and as we all sometimes do I fell asleep with the thing still on. Somehow in the middle of the night I think I triggered the emergency SOS function on my phone and awoke to a loud beeping noise. I’ve done this before and knew what it was so I freaked the fuck out, but it was too late. I tried shutting my phone down and canceling it. So I did the stupidest smart thing I could think of, I called 911. Some lady answered and I frantically tried to explain my situation but panicked and told them nothing was wrong. She told me it was okay but as she says this I hear SIRENS in the distance near my window. I hang up and sprint to the door and fling it open, to my dismay a fire truck comes speeding up. I wave them down and explain everything to multiple very unhappy firefighters. I apologized for disturbing them and they drove off.

yeah, if you’ve ever woken up and immediately started panicking... it’s not fun

TL;DR: Accidentally triggered the SOS function on my phone and called a fire truck to my house at 1 am