So I like to think I'm a pretty good uncle to my sister's kids. I babysit all the time, I take them for ice cream on weekends, and I occasionally pick them up from school. Yesterday my nephew texts me on my sister's phone and asks me to come throw around the football, he's 8 years old and can throw and catch really well for his age. I head over and proceed to play a little game with him and his sisters, ages 6 and 4.

After about an hour or so we get tired and cool off with some water inside. The youngest niece grabs some trail mix and heads back outside. I follow her to make sure the door gets shut because it is tough to close. As I'm walking about to grab the door handle I slip on a wet paper towel and push the door, pinning my nieces foot under it as she is on the other side, her dad comes rushing to the rescue as she is screaming at the top of her little lungs. I panic and grab some ice. Her dad takes her inside and checks out her foot, no blood, she can still walk, still has a hold on the trail mix, but is absolutely horrified as am I.

We head about 5 minutes later back outside and I decide to grab the other football from their car in the garage, my nephew tags along and pops his head in to check out the front seat. I open the back door to search for it, find it, and shut the door. His finger was in between the door and the inside, he screams even louder than his sister and I quickly open the door, horrified again. We quickly put ice on it, it's still moving, but I feel absolutely horrible at this point and decide to leave before anything else bad happens to them. Everyone laughed it off in the end, but I was close to a heart attack.

TLDR; shut two different doors on two different kids, feel awful.