The Consumer Price Index is a measure of how prices of selected goods and services have changed over a period of time. It is a very important statistic computed by the statistic agencies of most countries, and is used as an indicator of inflation. Higher the change in CPI over the previous year, higher is the inflation. In several countries, the CPI is used to measure the real value of wages, salaries and pensions. See Wikipedia for more information.

The following map presents the Consumer Price Index for the year 2014 as published by the World Bank. Note that the index has been adjusted with reference to the prices in 2010. That is the year 2010 has the CPI of 100 for all countries.

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Data Sources

The Consumer Price Index data is available from the World Bank. The latest data is available for 2017 for some countries. However, the data set is more complete for 2014 with many more countries included.

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World Consumer Price Index for 2014 [OC]