I’m gonna try and make this as simple as possible although it’s actually quite far from simple. My (now ex) boyfriend and I were on vacation and got into a fight after a long night of drinking. He physically attacked me so I pulled his hair to get him off of me. I packed my belongings and headed out to get some space and find another room for the night, when the police intercepted me in the hotel lobby. Apparently he called the cops on me and told them he wants to “teach me a lesson”. I stupidly didn’t tell them what happened, and admitted to pulling his hair, so they arrested me and booked me on a felony domestic violence charge (yes, a felony for pulling his hair).

Fast forward a month later and I just had my arraignment. The charge was lowered to a misdemeanor since the “victim” left the country and told the court he is not testifying and wants nothing to do with this case. The prosecutor wanted to give me 3 years probation, a 52-week course, a no contact order, and $1k in fines (mind you, I’m already paying off a $5k bail). The judge suggested I talk to a public defender, who said I should absolutely not take their offer. My pre-trial hearing is next week and I’m wondering if there’s a chance this whole case will get dismissed? I’m a full-time university student, my record is squeaky clean, I’ve ended the relationship with this bipolar manipulative man, and I have pictures to prove that I acted in self defense (bruises, bite marks, etc.). I’m studying to be a teacher and my career is shot if anything is on my record. He has two police reports filed against him in the 8 months we dated in which he damaged my property out of anger (punched and broke my apartment window, and punched/broke my taillight) along with previous allegations of domestic abuse from his ex girlfriend. Is there a chance the prosecutor/judge will see all of this and recognize that I am not the aggressor, and dismiss the entire case?