So I find I have a pretty low sex drive, like I could do once a month and be fine, or less probably. I used to have a better sex drive, at least for mastrubration, but I think my depression and depression medication have had an effect on it. So I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and I'm his first. He seems to have some self esteem issues about his boy parts so whenever I don't orgasm by penetration he thinks it is because he isn't doing good enough. I've done everything I can think of the try to explain to him that lots of women have trouble or are unable to orgasm purely from penetration but he doesn't seem to believe me. I've also tried to explain that I just seem to have my own sexual issues such as pain, low stamina, and of course the low sex drive. It just doesn't end up a productive conversation about improving the experience but pouting and hurt feelings. I tried to suggest I get a toy of my own to figure out what I like but he just gets insulted and jealous of a theoretical toy. He also doesn't accept that if I orgasm from the clit that I am satisfied. Most recently we had penetrative sex til I couldn't any longer, he didn't finish, he asked me if I did and I told him yes. I had not orgasmed but I certainly couldn't go longer. He asked me again and I told him that. Now he is questioning every orgasm I have ever had and hasn't been as loving as usual for 3 days, kinda a cold shoulder, at first he wasn't talking to me. Because I "lied" for about a minute. I just didn't want him feeling all inadequate and pouting as usual and I guess it backfired on me... Any advice?