My sister texted me about a date she went on last night. She said it was one of the worse dates she had ever been on and ended it within 15 minutes. Thankfully all first dates are just coffee or drinks no meals. The guy was a creep and so awkward about everything she didn’t feel comfortable. He ordered a drink and she actually declined and asked for water so she could get out quickly. She was upfront and told him that it was nice to meet him but she didn’t think she was interested. She said she was polite and tried to be as nice as possible, because she didn’t want to intentionally hurt his feelings, and offered to stay till he finished his drink. He just stopped drinking. For 10 minutes he just sat there making awkward conversation. She said the lady next to her at the bar kept looking at her doing the “do you need help” stare and the bartender kept asking if she was okay. Finally she just got her stuff and said bye and just left. Well this morning he sent her a very interesting text calling her a colorful array of names. She blocked him. Well he apparently gave her number to different people so all these people are texting her now. She had to stop working and call the police to see if she could file harassment charges against this jackass. Because he didn’t get his way she’s the bitch. I’m so angry and worried for her!