Hey ya'll. I was getting my hair cut/balyaged last week at a friend's house where there was some intense summer heat and no air conditioning and I was sitting in my own sweat pool for a few hours, and immediatly upon leaving I felt itchy in the crotch and thought "oooh shit, here we go." I've had a yeast infection before so I was able to recognize what was going on, so I called the doc and she gave me a prescription for fluconazole without an appointment. I took the first dose on Sunday and the second dose yesterday and it feels like the itching is going down, but my labia is still craaaazy red and my labia minora is covered in white, and I think it even looks a little worse than before. I'm nervous about having sex until the external symptoms go away too, any idea how long that'll take, and when I should be concerned, if at all.

Thanks, fellow vagina owners!