I can't get a diagnosis yet until September and so this is all based on speculation. I'm abstaining from Porn and recently I became super anxious and stressed out because I'm having sexually intrusive thoughts. I had them a couple months back but they disappeared. Upon resurfacing, I can't sleep and I have to plug earphones in and play music repeatedly until I hopefully fall asleep unknowingly.

This year I've had no work commitments and free to relax. From June of last year to January I was good. Around February or March the thoughts set In for the first time, but I was good and could sleep for most of the time and they dissapeared along the way. June of this year they've come back and I've never felt like this before in my life until now. Although It's not advised, I took online OCD tests (about the first five test results from Google) and each of them either list that I have OCD or that I likely have It. I'm sort of afraid and don't know what to do and think.