It turns out Santa Claus really does know when you've been bad or good. A hit-and-run driver trying to make a speedy getaway in France last week found herself being chased by the unlikeliest of authorities: St. Nick on a sportbike.

The motorcycle-mounted Santa in the first-person video is YouTuber and Kawasaki Z rider Chris RS, who was riding around Paris in the full Kris Kringle getup—beard included—to make a funny video and generally spread holiday cheer. After all, who wouldn't love to see Santa cruising around town on a red bike?

For one, the driver of this black Renault Clio. Just after 1:10 in the video, as Chris RS/St. Nicolas makes a right turn at a T intersection, you can see the little hatchback blow through a red light, strike a pedestrian in the crosswalk, and keep driving. Chris and another driver immediately try to box in the offender, but she manages to slip past and takes off through the streets of Paris.

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French Santa stops hit and run driver in high speed motorcycle pursuit.