I have a hard time accepting pleasure from my boyfriend. Whenever he goes down on me, I'm constantly worried that he's getting bored or it's taking too long. So then I just pull him back up and do most of the work.

Because of this my sex life became very onesided. We would have sex until he's done, then I would just masturbate after he finishes. I think because of this also, he never got the chance to get good lol So it also takes me way longer when he tries and feels better when I do it myself.

We were each other's firsts and have been together for 4 years, but he has little to no experience of going down on me. He never expressed not wanting to, it's more like me not letting him because I feel bad and that worry is a turn off.

How can I just relax and let him pleasure me w/o worrying that he's not having a good time himself? How can I make him better at it lols