Me and my FWB were on last night, a site that matches you up with a random stranger in a video chat. We got matched up with another straight couple who was putting on a show — the girl was sucking the guys dick. We found it insanely hot, and my FWB started going down on me. Eventually the other couple started having full on sex. We moved on, but we weren't able to find any other couples (just a lot of guys jacking off, lol).

I've never been involved in group sex before, and this was a really fun and low pressure way to get a taste of that. We definitely want to do it again. I'm wondering if anyone else has engaged in this sort of mutual-cam-sex thing, and where the best place to do it is. Ideally, it would be a system where:

  • You can verify yourself as over 18
  • You can mark yourself as a straight couple searching for other couples
  • There's some sort of rating system so you actually get matched with other real couples

Things that don't appeal to us are:

  • Classic style cam sites where you broadcast to a bunch of viewers
  • Having to wade through a ton of solo dudes that don't even have their face in the frame

Any tips?