u/Sirisian initiated a discussion on a topic we've discussed before.

The fact that some topics are so popular (Space Jesus, UBI, Renewables, etc, etc) that at times we seem to be swamped with repetitive identikit posts, that are just minor variations on a theme, but are always getting upvoted anyway, as the topics are so popular.

As u/Sirisian observes, this crowds out space for posts that "create new and original discussion in some way."

I remember from discussing this before, noting we don't lack for posts that create new and original discussion, it's just they don't get the attention.

So rather than tacking this problem my limiting the repetitive popular posts - perhaps we could go about this the other way around?

How could we distinguish and help posts with genuinely fresh & unusual view points?

CSS Color changes? "Interesting" Flair? Best of the weeks "Interesting" Post stickied every week?